Destination - Yousmarg

Distance from Srinagar : 82 kms from Srinagar



Yousmarg in Kashmiri means The Meadow of Jesus, It is believed that  Jesus came to Kashmir and stayed at Yousmarg for some time. Yousmarg lies 48 kms from Srinagar and 13 kms south of Charar-i-Sharief a town of Budgam district. It is situated at the bank of Doodganga River which is a tributary of Jehlum River. It is a popular tourist destination, nestled with in the imposing Peer Panjal peaks, a sub range of Himalayas.

The place is simply bewitching where man is lost in nature and awed with it’s beauty. The place is connected by road from Srinagar via Chrar-i-Sharief. Pony riding in the meadows here is a tourist’s delight. The people of Yousmarg are very simple with traditional/cultural habits and are quite hospitable towards the visitors. Yousmarg has been experiencing heavy rush of tourists (both domestic and foreign) every year, and have left with pleasant memories.


Yousmarg has the potential to be the gateway to a number of potential destinations in its South, West and East including Doodhpathri, Nilnag, Bargah and Tosamaidan. Yousmarg region has a great tourism  potential primarily for the reasons of its virginity and potential for development of eco-tourism. There is no historical account of how the region got its name but it is believed that Yousmarg was called Roosmarg-the meadow of deer and with passage of time it became Yousmarg. The region till some decades ago had abundance of wild life and was famous for the large number of deer that inhabited the region. Yousmarg is a lush green pasture surrounded by forest and snow clad mountains. It is located at a height of 7900ft from main sea level and Doodganga flows in the south making destination further attractive for tourists.

Yousmarg being the gateway to a number of potential destinations, starting point for Tattakutti mountain which is source of Doodganga and Sang Safed Mountain, 10kms from the bowl, caters to needs of potential trekkers.

One can also lay back or stroll amongst flower-strewn meadows. Another venue along Doodh-Ganga. Frothing and crashing on its way over the rocks, the river makes a little white foam,which gives it this name. A little ahead is a lake, Nilnag, embraced with hills. Yousmarg is at a distance of 13 Kms from Chrar-i-Sharief, the shrine of the saint Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani or Nund Reshi(RA), One of the holies shrines of the state.

Yousmarg mesmerizes tourists with its scenic meadows, a sparkling reservoir and mountains comparable to European Alps. Situated amidst  Sang Safed valley, Yousmarg is reputed for  having some unique spring flowers. It also has some of the highest peaks in Pir-Panchal range. The mighty river Doodh-Ganga rises from these peaks and a dis-tributory of the same flows into the reservoir. Yousmarg is a trekker’s paradise. A major trekking route from Yousmarg leads to a famous spot called Tosa Maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grazing by nomads. This area is connected through rough routes to place like Gulmarg and Poonch. The region is full of springs, the one at Khag is most famous for the curative properties. The natural slopes of Yousmarg offer skiing opportunities to experts. School camps and adventure lovers make a week to fortnights stay at Yousmarg for the thrilling trekking routes around. Day treks are mostly commenced by the visitors.

Yousmarg is suitable for all type of visitors, as it is the quietest place out of all tourist destinations. A short trek of 4 KM to Nilnag A full day trek from Yousmarg to frozen lake in Sang-e-Safed valley 10Km from Yousmarg is quite fascinating one. Most of the lake portion is covered under ice throughout the year. Trekkers are advised to carry tents along during the trip as the weather at high altitude changes frequently which can make further journey quite hard.Assistance of a guide is advisable. For promoting of adventure tourism activities of Zorb Ball, Rock Climbing and Trekking are being introduced in the area. Attraction for school children picnic spots are being developed in the semblance with local environs as also camping site facilities are also under execution of the Authority nowadays. Ever since the Yousmarg Development Authority was created which is involved in tourist related infrastructure development in the area for boosting economic development.